Monday, December 14, 2015


Monday, Dec 14
JH G BB @ Valentine – 5 pm – Bus leaves @ 2:30 pm
“C” B BB (H) w/Ainsworth – 6:30 pm
Music Booster Meeting – 7 pm
FFA Meeting – JH @ 6:30 / SH @ 7:30 pm
School Board Meeting – 7:30 pm

Tuesday, Dec 15
Speech Meeting @ 7:30 am or after school - Ms. Vanderbeek’s Room
JV/V G/B BB @ Pierce – 4:30 pm – Bus leaves @ 2:35 pm
JV WR Invite @ Valentine – 5 pm – Bus leaves @ 1:30 pm
Kindergarten Music Program @ Elem – 7 pm *EAGLE EYE BROADCASTING EVENT

Wednesday, Dec 16
Strength Finder Discussion – 7 pm – HS Lecture Hall

Thursday, Dec 17
No Scheduled Activities

Friday, Dec 18
Dibels Testing Grades K – 6
JH G BB @ Battle Creek – 3:30 pm – Bus leaves @ 12:15 pm
Valentine WR Invite – 3 pm – Bus leaves @ 5 am
JV/V G BB @ Battle Creek – 6 pm – Bus leaves @ 3:20
Elementary Winter Program @ HS – 7 pm *EAGLE EYE BROADCASTING EVENT

Saturday, Dec 19
Valentine WR Invite – 9 am
JV/V G/B BB @ Wayne – 2 pm – Bus leaves @ 11:30 am



Monday:  Chef prepared meal – Chili Lime Chicken Flatbread for $2.00

Please check with your parents and make sure that they received their wrestling t shirt orders.  I seem to have a large amount of t shirts left and wondering if an order form got lost or attached to another.  Please check – Thank you.

The following days students can come in and discuss schedule changes for next semester:
Sophomores & Freshman:  Monday & Tuesday (Dec 14 & 15)
Junior High:  Wednesday & Thursday (Dec 16 & 17)
Remember that schedules changes will be finalized by Mr. Hilker, Mrs. Corkle, & Mr. Fisher.  Your must have credible reason that relates to academic achievement to switch your schedule.

MUSICAL is upon us!  This year's musical is SHREK THE MUSICAL. Auditions will be held the 16th-18th, 21st in the music room.  Sign up for a time on the choir side window.  Please have a song prepared to sing; anything from broadway to pop to "I'm a little teapot" is great.  Also be prepared to read script on the spot.  Audition forms will be available at audition time.  We are looking forward to another amazing production this year!  You DO NOT have to register for the earl-bird drama class to be in the musical!  Come and be part of the show!  MUSICAL CREW - A crew form will be available Monday, December 21st before break.  We are looking for a motivated crew to build and paint the set and props, help with costumes and set movement on stage, do makeup (possibly a lot of makeup) and run sound and lights.  Lots of opportunities to help out and earn activity credit!  It is recommended that you DO NOT register for early-bird drama if you sign up for crew.  Questions?  Ask Mr. Jaques.


Activity Workers   Monday, Dec 14 – “C” B BB – 5:15 – Tickets – Joyce Burival – Supervision – Molly Sholes.

Concession Workers:    NA

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