Friday, November 7, 2014


Friday, November 7
Registration Deadline for December ACT

Saturday, November 8
No Scheduled Activities

Sunday, November 9
NSIAAA Convention @ GI

Monday, November 10
Mid State Vocal Clinic @ Crofton – 10 am – Concert @ 6:30 pm
Junior Class Meeting – 2:45 pm - Library
Cheer Camp @ 3:30 pm – Act Bldg
Drill Team Camp @ 6 pm – Act Bldg
FFA Meeting – JH 6:30 / SH 7:30
Music Booster Meeting – 7 pm
School Board Meeting – 7:30 pm

Tuesday, November 11
HS Veterans Day Program – 10:30 am – OHS
Veterans Dan Program @ Elem – 2 pm
JH G BB @ Ewing – 5:30 pm
Cheer Camp @ 3:30 pm – Act Bldg
Drill Team Camp @ 6 pm – Act Bldg

Wednesday, November 12
Student Council Meeting – 7:30 am
Cheer Camp @ 3:30 pm – Act Bldg
Drill Team Camp @ 6 pm – Act Bldg

Thursday, November 13
Cheer Camp @ 3:30 pm – Act Bldg
Drill Team Camp @ 6 pm – Act Bldg
JH WR Tri @ Neligh w/Plainview – 6 pm
A&B JH G BB @ West Holt – 6:30

Friday, November 14
Cheer Camp @ 3:30 pm – Act Bldg
Drill Team Camp @ 6 pm – Act Bldg
FCCLA Clusters @ Little Rock, AR

Saturday, November 15
FCCLA Clusters @ Little Rock, AR



FCCLA members remember we have STAR work day Saturday beginning at 9:30. Please let Mrs.Mann know if you plan to attend.

The following girls need to get their VB tops turned into Mrs. Dean ASAP:  Izzy Kleinberg, Trista Strampher & Decemberlyn Kilcoin.

Any high school students interested in joining/forming an O'Neill High School Rotary Interact Club is invited to join the O'Neill Satellite Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday, November 11th at 7:00 at Tia Zia.  The group will focus on organizing activities that will benefit the community of O'Neill.  Interested students can contact Mrs. Ludwig or come at 7:00 on Tuesday at Tia Zia.

Senior student/athletes:  We are going to get senior athlete photo posters up in the gym.  The Athletic Booster Club is sponsoring this.  You will need your uniform to take the picture with the sport you want to represent.  You may also have a ball, club, shoes, etc. in the picture if it relates to the sport.
Criteria for the Photo:
1. Must be an OHS Senior
2. Must be in a state sanctioned (NSAA) sporting event (Golf, Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Wrestling and/or Track.)
3. Must wear school issued uniform of the same color for your sport.
4. If the athlete quits during the year, the photo comes down.

The Photos will be taken next Wednesday from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm in the gym.  If you have early out please get this done right away, otherwise plan on having the picture taken right when school gets out.  Listed are the student/athletes that we know/think have already participated or plan to participate in a sport.  If your name is not on the list, or a sport you participate in is not listed, and you think it should be, talk with your coach.

Boys: Girls:
Dylan Belik – Basketball , Track McKenzie Adamson – Volleyball, Track
Jacob Emme – Football, Basketball, Track Natalie Brodersen – Volleyball, Basketball
Levi Ethington – Football Karina De La O – Volleyball
Kyle Fowler – Cross Country, Basketball Arianna Dugan - Softball
David Fox – Football, Wrestling Shelby Heiser – Softball, Track
Kedron Koehler – Football, Track Ariel Lichty – Softball, Track
Jonathon Marvin – Football, Wrestling, Track Randi Pinkerman – Softball, Basketball, Track
Bryce Matson – Football Marie Sitz – Golf
Cordelle Matthews – Football, Golf Alexandra Strampher – Cross Country
Amador Medina – Football Brandi Taylor – Volleyball, Track
Eduardo Quintero – Wrestling Rahtaya Young – Volleyball, Basketball, Track
Caleb Ross – Wrestling
Cory Rowse – Football, Wrestling
Tanner Sawyer – Football, Golf
Ty Sawyer – Football
Zach Storjohann – Wrestling
Tristan Strong – Golf
Miles Thomas – Football, Track
Blake Waltes – Cross Country, Wrestling

Teachers:  Just a reminder that you can purchase your “Jeans for Freedom” tickets for $5.00 from the office.  This will allow you to wear jeans on Wednesday, November 12th but more importantly to show your support for our troops!

Activity Work Schedule:   No Scheduled Activities

Concessions:   No Scheduled Activities

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