Friday, September 26, 2014


Friday, September 26
2nd Grade Field Trip
Boone Central Individual CC Meet – 5 pm – Bus leaves @ 2:15 pm
V FB (H) w/Broken Bow – 7 pm

Saturday, September 27
Central City SB Invite – 9 am – Oneill vs. GICC
All State Music Prep Day @ Hastings

Sunday, September 28
Iron Man VB & Powder Puff FB – 3 pm

Monday, September 29
UNK CC Invite – 4 pm
JV FB @ Boone Central – 6:30 pm

Tuesday, September 30
FFA Fall P2 @ Norfolk
Mid State Girls Golf Tourney @ Hartington – 11 am
A&B JH VB (H) w/Stuart – 4 pm
JV/V SB (H) w/S Sioux City – 4:30 pm
SB Senior Parents Night
JH FB @ Ord – 5 pm

Wednesday, October 1
FFA Pre Pre-Dist Livestock Judging @ Valentine
Hall Decorating – Noon to 2 pm
Eagle Olympics – 2 pm

Thursday, October 2
Elementary Pep Rally – 2:30 pm
JV/V Girls Golf Dual @ Plainview – 4 pm
C/JV/V VB @ Ainsworth – 5:30 pm

Friday, October 3
West Holt CC Invite – 4 pm
V FB (H) Valentine – 6:30 pm
Homecoming Dance – 9 pm to 12 pm
Homecoming Coronation – 10 pm



ALL STUDENTS 7-12:  Please take a few minutes to complete the Class Interest Survey that was sent in your student e-mail.  Each student's input is important in helping to maintain and grow our music and theatre programs.  Thank you for your help!  Go Eagles!

Juniors and Seniors:  College Representative from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln will be in the library on Monday at 9:30 am.  See Mrs. Braun or Mr. Fernau for a pass to visit this rep.

Last call for students in grades 9-12 who haven't voted for homecoming king and queen and would still like to do so.  You must stop in and see Mr. Fisher by 11:30 am TODAY.

Students who plan to participate in the student dress day for homecoming are reminded to keep things appropriate.  In addition, a prize will be award to the student who is deemed to demonstrate the most school pride on Eagle Pride Friday! This prize is sponsored by Mr. Fisher and it will be awesome!

Students in grades 7 – 12 can earn spirit points for their class if they win the dress up contests! Two males and two females will win each day, 10 points for each.  Extra credit points are awarded for each class sponsor who dress up (2 points for each sponsor, each day….max 2 sponsors per day). Judging will be in the gym during the last five minutes of 7th period.  You must stay in costume all day in order to qualify for judging in the gym.  Thank you so much!  Student Council

The following themes will be dress-up days for Homecoming next week. Please show your school spirit and dress up for these days! Make sure to follow school dress codes.   Monday: Superhero/Merica' Day: Tuesday:  What Not to Wear Day:
Wednesday: Class Color Day: Thursday: Throwback Thursday: Friday:  Eagle Pride Day

Freshman:  class dues need to be paid to Blair Langan BEFORE homecoming.  If you do not want to pay class dues, you may work the concession stand on January 20th.  See Blair Langan to sign up for concessions or to pay your class dues. ALSO save cereal boxes and bring them for hallway decorating on Wednesday.


Detention: Sept 29 – Oct 3  / Kathy Hostert – Room 112

Activity Work Schedule:   Friday – Sept 26 – V FB – 6 pm – Tickets – Ronda Hanson & Laurie O’Neill – Supervision – Marilyn Rabe, Deb Barelmann & Jackie Lechtenberg: Tuesday – Sept 30 – A&B JH VB – 4 pm – Supervision – Kaye Appleby:  Tuesday – Sept 30 – JV/V SB – 3:45 pm – Tickets/Supervision – Paula Becker & Lowell Brown:  Friday – Oct 3 – V FB – 5:30 pm – Tickets – Ronda Hanson & Katie Morrow – Supervision – Megan Pommer, Becky Kohtz & Teresa Pongratz.

Concessions:   Friday – Sept 26 –V FB – 6:30 pm – Washington DC Kids. Tuesday – Sept 30 – A&B JH VB – 4 pm – Washington DC Kids: Tuesday – Sept 30 – JV/V SB – 3:45 pm – Cheerleaders: Friday – Oct 3 – V FB – 6 pm – Junior Class

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