Friday, December 13, 2013


Friday Dec 13 Dibels Testing
NE WR Duals @ Columbus – Bus leaves @ 10 am
Speech Meeting – 3:30 pm - Library
JV/V G/B BB (H) w/HCC – 4:30 pm

Saturday Dec 14 ACT Test – 8 am
NE WR Duals @ Columbus – 9 am
JH WR Boone Central Invite – 9:30 am – Bus leaves @ 6 am
JV/V G/B BB @ Madison – 2 pm – Bus leaves @ 11:40 am **See below for time schedule**

Sunday Dec 15 JH/HS Music Concert – 2 pm

Monday Dec 16 Dibles Testing
A&B JH G BB @ Valentine – 5 pm – Bus leaves @ 2 pm
“C” A&B G/B BB (H) w/Ainsworth – 6:30 pm
School Board Meeting – 7:30 pm

Tuesday Dec 17 JV/V G/B BB @ Pierce – 4:30 pm – Bus leaves @ 2:35 pm
JV WR @ Valentine – 5 pm – Bus leaves @ 1:30 pm
Elementary Winter Program @ HS – 7 pm

Wednesday Dec 18 Student Council Meeting – 7:30 am

Thursday Dec 19 FFA LSE Premier Night

Friday Dec 20 End of 1st Semester
K-12 Dismiss @ 1:30 pm  
A&B JH G BB @ Battle Creek – 2:30 pm – Bus leaves @ 12:45 pm
JV/V G BB @ Battle Creek – 6 pm – Bus leaves @ 4:10 pm

Saturday Dec 21 Valentine WR Invite (JV/V) – 10 am – Bus leaves @ 5 am
JV/V G/B BB @ Wayne – 2 pm – Bus leaves @ 11:30 am


The following schedule will be followed for the basketball games at Madison as all games will be played in one gym: Basketball Sat all at the HS: 2:00 JV girls (4  7 minute quarters, 5 minute half): 10 minute warm-up for a 3:30 JV boys:  5:00 Varsity girls-regular warm up (we will start earlier if possible), then Varsity boys.

Junior High students, we will be having an organizational meeting for book club during JH lunch on Monday.  We will be deciding on meeting times and the next book we will read second semester.  If you are interested in book club, come to the meeting.  If any high school students are interested in a book club, see Mrs. Braun.  

The overdue fine list for books that need renewed and fines that need to be paid will be posted on the bulletin board by the office.   It is Food for Fines week, so if you owe a fine, you can bring food instead of cash to pay for your fines.  Food will be donated to the food pantry.  One can of food equals up to one dollar of fines. 

The Scholastic Book fair will be here one more day, and during and after the music concert on Sunday 2-whenever.  If you need to do some Christmas shopping or just love books, stop in while you still have the chance.  

“O” club members are reminded to stop by Mr. Hostert’s office this week to pick up your pen pals.  If you have not already done so you also need to turn in your information sheets.

MUSICAL AUDITIONERS:  Auditions will take place on December 17th.  Sign-up sheets are at the choir room door as well as character descriptions and audition forms.  This is an upbeat, fun holiday musical that everyone is going to love!  Be a part of STRIKING 12 in the cast or crew!  JOIN the MUSICAL Blackboard Community for updated information, character info, synopsis, announcements and calendar info.  Feel free to talk to Mr. Jaques if you have any questions.

There will be a panel discussion for juniors and seniors on December 20th from 11:30 - 12:30.  This is an opportunity for our junior and senior students to talk to some recent graduates who are in college about the things they can be doing now to prepare for college, the things that they need to be ready for and expect when they get to college.  Students planning to attend must get a predestined from Mrs. Braun by the end of the school day on December 18th.  We will be providing lunch for students attending. 


Detention:  Dec 9 – 13 / Chad Dean – Room 12

Activity Workers:  Friday – Dec 13 – 3:45 pm - JV/V G/B BB – Tickets – Michelle McKay & Rodney Whitney – Supervision – Lara 
Morrow – Supervision Elem – Denice Atkins. Monday – Dec 16 – 5:45 pm – C G/B BB – Tickets – Janice Robertson & Marilyn Rabe – Supervision – Melanie Stepp.

Concessions :  Friday – Dec 13 – 4 pm - JV/V G/B BB – Robotics.  Monday – Dec 16 – 6 pm – C G/B BB – Mr. Jaques

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