Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Tuesday Sept 17 JV SB Invite @ Wisner – 4:30 pm – Bus leaves @ 1:45 pm
A&B JH VB (H) w/Ord – 5:30 pm

Wednesday Sept 18 Late Start K – 12 / 10 am Start
Junior Class Meeting – Library – 8th Period
Thursday Sept 19 Full “O” Club Meeting – Lecture Hall – 11:45 am
SB Tri (H) w/LHNE & Pierce – O’Neill vs LHNE @ 4 / LHNE vs Pierce @ 5:30/O’Neill vs Pierce @ 7
C/JV/V VB (H) w/GACC – 4:30 pm
A&B JH VB @ Ainsworth – 5:30 pm – Bus leaves @ 3:45 pm
A&B JH FB @ West Holt – 6 pm – Bus leaves @ 4:45 pm
Lions Mobile Screening – High School
Elementary School Pictures

Friday Sept 20 Lions Mobile Screening – High School
O’Neill CC Invite – 4 pm
Senior Parents Night CC
V FB @ Central City – 7 pm – Bus leaves @ 2:45 pm
Elementary School Pictures

Saturday Sept 21 ACT Test – 8 am
A&B JH VB @ St Mary’s Invite – 8 am
Plainview Golf Invite – 9 am
Boone Central Golf Invite – 10 am


Sunday Sept 22 Iron Man VB & Powder Puff FB – 3 pm



Girls Basketball:  Please hand in your shooting sheets from the summer to coach Eichelberger this week.  

Eagle fans who can’t make it to the football game on Friday night the game will be broadcasted on KBRX and webcasted by Central City.  The webcast can be found at STRIV TV.

There will NOT be a Student Council meeting this Wednesday at 10:00. 

The library will be having a drawing for prizes…books, coupons for coffee, etc. If you want your name in on the drawing, all you need to do is go to the library web page at http://oneillhighschoollibrary.weebly.com and in the upper right corner, click on the Facebook link and like us.  If you are on the list of "library friends" your name will be in the drawing. The drawing is September 30th, so don't delay and like us @ your library.  

Homecoming ballot is posted outside of Mrs. Ludwig's office. If you are in a fall activity please check that you are on the ballot. If your name is not on the list please let Mrs. Ludwig know.  Classes will vote on attendants Thursday during 7th hour. All high school students will vote for King and Queen Friday during 2nd hour.

Anyone who missed the FCCLA meeting last night should see Mrs. Mann as soon as possible. 
Attention all students: This year for homecoming dress up days, the cheerleaders will be hosting a contest! Each day, captains Kristi Tompkins and Brandi Taylor will pick out their favorite outfit. The winners from each day will be entered into a drawing and one lucky winner will win a $25 gift card to Subway! We encourage you all to participate and have fun showing your school spirit!

The Homecoming dance will be next Friday from 9-midnight.  Some reminders for next week.  The football game kicks off at 6:30 pm and the dance is a semi formal dance.  NO blue jeans for the dance.  Please remember to sign up your out of school dates for the dance.

September 18th, , students in grades 7-10 are testing with MAPS.  Students in Grades 7 and 8 need to report to school just before 10 am and report to their assigned testing rooms.  They will be done at 12:45 and dismissed.  Students in grades 9 and 10 need to report to school at 12:40 and report to your assigned testing room at 12:45.  They will be done at 3:30.  You will not be eating lunch at school, so please plan to eat  lunch after your leave or before you come, depending on your testing time.  You need to bring your computer along, fully charged.  You will not be allowed to used electronics, so please plan to bring book or magazines to read if you complete testing and have any down time.  Students in grades and 11 and 12 will have a regularly scheduled day, but will begin with a late start at 10 am. Testing room assignments are on the bulletin board by the display case in the main hallway just before you get to the 300 hallway.  Ask Mrs. Braun if you have questions.  


Detention:  Sept 16 – Sept 20 / Bryan Corkle – Room 324

Activity Workers:  Tuesday, September 17 - A&B JH VB  – 5 pm – Supervision – Kelly Young
Thursday, September 19 - SB Tri  – 3:15 pm – Tickets/Supervision – Brenda Schmeichel & Shannon Stelling
Thursday, September 19 - C/JV/V VB – 3:45 pm – Tickets – Katie Owens & Kristin Langan – Supervision – Maureen Pischel

Concessions:  Tuesday, September 17 - A&B JH VB  – 5 pm – Holocaust Literature
Thursday, September 19 - SB Tri  – 3:30 pm – Robotics
Thursday, September 19 - C/JV/V VB – 4 pm – FFA

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