Monday, December 19, 2011


Monday                Dec 19            No Scheduled Activities

Tuesday                Dec 20            JV/V G/B BB (H) w/Crofton – 5 pm

Wednesday                Dec 21            End of 2nd Quarter
                                                K-12 Dismiss @ 1:30 pm

            Dec 23 – 27                NSAA Moratorium

Wednesday                Dec  28            Stanton Holiday Tournament
                                                Girls -  O’Neill vs Stanton – 5:30 pm
                                                Boys – O’Neill vs. Stanton – 7:15 pm

Thursday                Dec 29            Stanton Holiday Tournament

          Dec 22 – Jan 4              No School – Christmas Break


Students and Staff:  Every day that your class and partner class (if you have one) bring in food for the food drive, could you please designate a student in your class to update the bar chart in the lunch room.  Remember the food fight runs through the 20th.  Thanks teachers for reminding your students about this important project!   So far O'Neill Elementary has donated 700+ items, while the Jr/Sr. have donated about 340 items, at last count.  Food Fight Counting:  Ramen Noodles= 1 item; 4 pkg of Kool Aid = 1 item;  case of pop = 24 items;  package of toilet paper= 1 item

Student Council Members:  T shirts are in.  Please stop in at the Media Center to pick-up your t shirt. 

As per NSAA rule all facilities owned by O’Neill Public Schools will be off limits to students from December 23-27.  Students are not permitted to work out in any facilities owned by OPS and this applies to all students including those not currently out for a sport.  If you have questions please see Mr. Hostert or any head coach. 

You can pick up your O'Neill Athletics shirt order in Mr. Peterson's room.  

Attention students & staff:  A table is set up outside the office with many lost and found items - please check this to see if any items are yours - Any items will be donated to the Community Wardrobe.

Any student 16 years of older wanting to take a Basic Nurses Aide Course for Dual Credit through Northeast Community College and O'Neill High School, see Mr Fernau ASAP.

Students wanting to change their schedule for next semester will need to stop by Mr. Fernau's office to pick up a schedule change form.  These need to be returned by Tuesday, Dec. 20th.

MUSICAL AUDITIONS - In the best interest of student preparation, musical auditions have been moved to January 5th and 6th after school and before school if needed.  Songs for the auditions will be made available ASAP on the Angel musical group.  ID = OPS_Musical  PASS = Oz.  These included recordings and .pdf versions of the sheet music.  The reading parts will be done cold on audition day.  If you have already signed up on the sheet next to the music room door, those names will be kept for January 5th.  If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to Mr. Jaques.


Detention Dates:  Dec 19 - 21 / Bri Kelly

Work Schedule:  Tuesday – Dec 20 / JV G V G/B BB w/Crofton – 4:15 pm – Tickets – Deb Barelmann & Jen
                              Troester; Supervision – Darla Mundhenke; JV B Elem Supervision – Mariclaire Musil

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