Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Wednesday                Nov 2            No Scheduled Activities

Thursday                Nov 3            VB District Finals

Friday                            Nov 4            Registration Deadline for December ACT
                                               Red Ribbon Week Carnival @ Elementary – 6:30 pm

Saturday                Nov 5            No Scheduled Activities



There will be an organizational Art Club Meeting, today (November 2),  in the lunchroom, at 11:30 a.m. during the High School Lunch.  Anyone interested in joining, see Thomas Davidson or Mr. McNichols.

Boys basketball will have a meeting next Thursday, November 10th immediately after school in the lecture hall.  Please attend even if you are not sure whether or not you will go out.  We will discuss the upcoming season, expectations, and start times.  Along with other information that may be pertinent.  See you there!=

Juniors and Seniors:  A representative from Wayne State College will be here TODAY at 11:00.  See Mr. Fernau or Mrs. Ludwig for a pass.

School picture RETAKE day will be TODAY.  ANY student or staff member who was absent for the first picture day MUST get their photo taken; Mrs. Gotschall has order envelopes in room 212, please come get one.  Any student who desires a retake because they are not satisfied with their first picture must return their original images. The following students have not yet had their photos taken:  Mosel, Mikayla L; Hagemann, Erica; Hartsock, Mariah; Hauf, Natasha; Cullen, Sara; Davidson, Devon R.; Tori Trizila; Tia Trizila; Wanamaker, Brandon; Womack, Joshua; Chohon, Riley; Garcia, Juan; Lawless, Allen; Marienau, Tiffany; Petersen, Brady; Skopec, Michael & Wanamaker, Matthew D.

Seniors, this is a one question survey for the Yearbook.  Please feel free to fill it out! Here is the link:

Sasha Hendrick is doing a bucket list for one of her pages in the yearbook.  She would students to fill it out for her.

The Plan test for sophomores will be given on Thursday, Period 1 - 3.  Sophomores with the last name beginning with A - N will test in Room 326 and students with last name beginning with O - Z  will test in Room 214.  Report to testing rooms to begin the day.

The Explore test for 8th grade will be given on Friday, Periods 1- 3.  8th graders with the last name beginning with A through L will test in Room 326 and students with last name beginning with M - Z will test in Room 224.  Report to testing rooms to begin the day.

Next Tuesday the FFA, with assistance from the O'Neill Police Department and Nebraska State Patrol, will be hosting a driver/rider safety day. This is a project designed by the Nebraska FFA Association in partnership with the Nebraska State Career Services Organizations. 
The day will begin with seatbelt checks as students are coming in the parking lot. Officers and FFA members will be checking vehicles and giving lifesavers candy to those wearing a seatbelt and dum-dum suckers along with a mock ticket to those not wearing a seatbelt. Please be patient as students may be a few minutes late to 1st Hour due to the time it takes to conduct seatbelt checks. 
Beginning mid-morning students will be dismissed by grade to participate in a driving course while wearing the drunk goggles in rotation with a role-over simulator demonstration. During the rotations officers will discuss personal experiences with accidents involving texting and driving as well as not wearing a seatbelt. Each grade will be split between the two demonstrations and rotate at 20 minutes. When students are dismissed from class they are to exit the east doors of the school and report to the taped off area of the east end of the parking lot. Please let me know if you have any question. If you have students in your class that period that are behind on work or failing, please feel free to keep them in class to work while their classmates are at the demonstrations.  Rotation Schedule:
10:45am-11:25am – 9th Grade (4th Hour); 11:30am-12:10pm – 7th Grade (5th Hour);
12:15am-12:55am – 10th Grade (5th Hour); 1:00pm-1:40pm - 11th Grade (6th Hour);
1:50pm-2:30pm – 8th Grade (7th Hour); 2:40pm- 3:20pm – 12th Grade (8th Hour).

DtL Meeting on November 7th in Mr. Spanglers room during HS Lunch.

STUDENT COUNCIL members planning to attend State on Nov. 7th, please turn in your predestines to Mrs. Mudloff ASAP!  We will be leaving from the East Parking Lot at 5:00 am on the 7th.


Detention Dates:  Oct 31 – Nov 4 / Allen Spangler

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