Friday, August 20, 2010

*-Whats new at OHS?-*
Above is the new ticket booth located at the entrance of our football field! On the right of the new building they take your money and on the left you can buy hamburgers and hot dogs!! This building was generously donated by the O'Neill High School Booster Club.

The girls and boys bathrooms were transformed! Now, the new improved girls bathroom is located near the 200 hallway and the boys is located near the 100 hallway. Be sure to go into the right one! :) Note; the doors open outward!

The student body voted for what design they liked the best and this is the outcome! The gym is looking mighty spiffy with the new floor and coat of paint! Be sure to check it out as the volleyball team breaks in the floor on September 2nd!
Created by: Paige Stevens

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